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We are opening a little earlier this Saturday and have a 11am or 12pm still available. We do offer after hours appointments for those who can not make our regular hours, if you would like some more information or to book an after hours appointment feel free to call us on 0754956016 or message ya through Facebook

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We have received a some lovely letters and certificates from some of the amazing  organisations and clubs we sponser and support in the last few weeks.  We are greatful to have to opportunity to support some great organisations and we look forward to continuing support with them into the future.

Why dont we have recommendations or testimonies?

We have had a few ask why we don’t have recommendations, testimonies or progress of clients on our page. This is because we are bound by the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and section 133 of the National Law of Health Providers. Feel free to share our page although and you are more then welcome to write on your own page of your experiences with us.
Thank you all

Sleep & Rest

Sleep & Rest

If you’re always feeling lethargic and cranky, chances are that you lack sleep and are running on overdrive.

Not only should you snooze for at least 7 hours, Chinese Medicine experts advise that you should go to bed no later than 10.30pm. This is because the period from 11pm to 1am is when your body (especially your liver) re-calibrates and repairs itself, and it can only happen when you’re in deep sleep.
You can see this in the Chinese Medicine Circadian Clock pictured.

Inadequate sleep is known to be very bad for our brain and heart health, from a Chinese Medicine perspective, long term lack of sleep or deep rest can have more detrimental effects on our health, creating deficiencies within the body systems which take a long time to restore and replenish.

So what are some tips to help you create healthy habits to allow your body to enjoy a good night’s sleep?

1. Swop your daily coffees for herbal tea. Try a caffeine break for at least 2 weeks and see how this makes you feel. Less anxiety and fatigue may be some of the more positive side effects, as well as better sleep.

2. Dress or cover yourself warmly in the evening if the air tends to be cooler where you live.

3.Before bed, try a warm foot bath or bath with magnesium salts.

4. Exercise daily. At least 30 minutes a day of movement will help move Qi or energy stagnation that may accumulate over the day, particularly if you sit at a desk for most of your day. Try Qigong, Tai Chi, with specific movements and breath designed to move Qi and energy that accumulates in the body, help your general vitality, and assist you to sleep much better.

5. If you struggle with sleep, avoid alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, and eating stimulating foods such as chillies before bed. Try gentle nourishing steamed foods and soups which are easy on the digestion.

6. Meditation. Practicing this simple exercise before you sleep for even 10 minutes before bedtime every night, you will notice the difference. Make it your daily habit.

7. Acupuncture. If you are a regular with Acupuncture, you know that post Acupuncture feeling well. 🙂
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Shen Healthcare

Shen Healthcare provide treatments based on individualised circumstances. Dr Shari holds a bachelor of health science (acupuncture), diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage and holds certificates in cupping, strapping, scalp acupuncture is a level 1 sports trainer with the NRL, plus also being a student doula! On top of that will also provide on the spot rebates from accepted health funds. Our aim is to achieve recovery and return the body back to balance.cropped-23799919_301925633637997_1890769808510999914_o.jpg